Our top features
  • Powerful cPanel

    The dashboard which gives a sight overview of the system.

  • Send SMS

    This platform allows user to send text messages to customers and available contact quickly and easily.

  • Contact and groups

    Users can add and edit contact and group contact.

  • SMS Template

    Default template are available to users, they can add template for used time.

  • Online security

    We are 24/7 secured with SSL and other security company.

  • 24/7 Support

    Our support system and phonenumbers are active ready to attend to customers.

Even more features
  • Outbox

    User can view list of text messages that has been sent.

  • Not Sent

    User can view list of failed text messages.

  • Draft

    User can view list of saved messages.

  • Transactions

    View list of payment transactions.

  • Share Units

    The system has a featured that user can share Units to others that are using the system.

  • Buy Unit

    User has the option to top up units by purchasing online.

  • Low Unit Alert

    When the system is running out of unit, it alert the user.

  • Schedule Messages

    Users can schedule messages to send sms to customers.